SeaDick is in the House — Time for this Joint to get fair and balanced!

SeaDick here. I’ve been loving the posts from Pipes, but as you have undoubtedly noticed he leans a little to the left.  Since I lean a little to the right (fiscal conservative, social liberal, so don’t get you panties in a bunch thinking I’m a Cruz fan or something) I thought I would jump on here occasionally to add a little balance.

Don’t go expecting me to be as prolific as Pipes (I have a real job), but I will try to provide the counter-point to his point (“Pipes, you ignorant slut”).  I’m going to add a couple of regular features, such as the “String Pic of the Week” and “Proof That The Main Stream Media is a Working Arm of the Democratic Party.”  Should be fun.  As the String is want to say, “What Could Go Wrong?”

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