Proof the MSM is in the Tank for the Dems

It may not always be conscious, but it’s true.  The main stream media is full of biased, left leaning, democrats.  As a regular feature, and without even trying hard, I intend to bring such bias to light.  Take this LA Times article about Saturday Night’s GOP Debate (or as we on the String like to refer to it “Return to Thunderdome”).

Money quote (and third paragraph no less):

“Candidates promoted opposition to gay rights and to abortion under any circumstances and support for unfettered access to guns, all issues that please the Republican base but run counter to the views of a general election audience.”

Really?  That’s’ what you took away from the debate?  Dog-whistle much?  I must have been on a different feed.  I won’t even go into how misleading that description is.   But, the author does latter expound on the candidates positions and you will be shocked I am sure to see that the facts don’t match the flat statements at the beginning of the article.  For example, saying that the Democrats want unfettered access to abortion means that you want abortion available under any circumstances.

That’s not even the real issue though.  My take of the debate was that it was primarily focused on whether the President should be allowed to nominate a successor to Justice Scalia as a lame duck (see Pipes’ excellent post on that issue below) and whether the Iraq war was a mistake.   The first issue got about 5 words and how far do we need to go into the article for a discussion of the discussion of the Iraq war?  Other than a reference to former President George W. Bush, it’s not mentioned.

But wait, it does describe Secretary Clinton as the adult in the room though.  YHGTBSM!

This isn’t an opinion piece folks, unreal.  No wait, it’s what I expected.


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