Minnesota Hockey Hair

I am blogging this topic for one reason and one reason only, and that is to get the drop on SeaDick.  In the next few days, some dude up in Minnesota will drop a video that he will call the 2016 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team.  It will be hilarious, and strange, and it will come close to breaking the internets.  

Although not an ice skating guy, I want to be the Monkey With a Gun blogger that gets this story.  I can’t rest on my hockey knowledge, which is nil, and it’s a push between SeaDick and me on the hair angle (both nil).  So all I got is being the first to file.  

Anyway, there’s a guy up in Minnesota who watches the high school hockey playoffs, and then posts a video of the top ten kids with the best hair.  Sounds a little creepy, and it would be if it wasn’t so damn hilarious.  Apparently, in Minnesota high school hockey circles it is a thing to have the craziest hair, or “salad,” or “flow,” as he calls it.  This guy has made it a thing, the lamestream media reports it, and the kids go all out trying to get the hair awards.  The only downside last year was that a military academy was in the playoffs, so the dude just fast forwarded through their intros.  Kinda prejudiced, if you ask me.    

Maybe hair is a thing in all of hockey for all I know, but I don’t know, because I only watch sports played with balls.  Well, whatever, because that dude up in the state shaped like a K absolutely kills it every year with his hilarious video.  Trust me, watch the videos.  Absolutely hilarious, and I will update in the next couple days when the Minnesota dude comes out with the 2016 version.  

Here are more videos from previous years:

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