WWMD – Official Rules


joe-maddon thinking

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 05: Manager Joe Maddon #70 of the Chicago Cubs looks on before a baseball game against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park on June 5, 2015 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Seadick and I came up with a new game today that will probably go viral and break the Internets.  The game is called WWMD, or What Will Maddon Do?

Everyone knows that Joe mixes up the Cubs starting lineup every day for reasons known only to him.  Some days Bryant bats third, sometimes fifth.  The pitcher used to always bat in the 8 spot, lately he bats last.  The best guys get days off sometimes.  La Stella may or may not start, and if he does, it’s anyone’s guess where he will play in the field or where he will bat in the lineup.  

Why?  Well, if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we don’t question Maddon!  #DQM  This is known.

Although we #DQM, we can still try and guess what he is going to do.  The object of the WWMD game is to predict what the starting line up will be for the following day’s game, both batting order and field position.  I will be posting a blog entry page for each game, and entries must be submitted in the comments section for that particular page.  One entry per person.  Cost to enter is $1.00 for now until we figure out how this will work out.  If no one wins, the pot rolls over to the next game, and everyone must reenter for the next game to be eligible to win the rolled over pot plus any additional games.    (We have no idea how hard this is going to be, the likelihood of roll overs, or really anything in this life or the next, so lets just see how this goes.)

Entries are due anytime before the official lineup is released, and may be submitted as far in advance as you want.  In the event of duplicate entries, the first submitted is the only one eligible to win.  As George W. Bush noted, there may be strategery involved here.  Get your pick in early and lockdown the most likely lineup, or wait and study the other entries, come up with something better and then drop it in everyone’s eyeball right before the deadline.  Again, don’t know how this will play out either.  

To avoid any potential issues, the winner will be decided based on the official lineup released by the Cubs before the game (not whatever the actual lineup ends up being at the game, in case there is a difference).  Official lineup is tweeted by @Cubs a few hours before on the day of the game.

Check back often in case I come up with some more rules.

In honor of Harry Caray, proper spelling of the players’ names is discouraged.  Just get it somewhere in the neighborhood so we can tell who you are talking about, but no points off for being creative (or drunk) when writing the players’ names.

Good luck, and try not to suck!


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