Viral Alert – Crying Jordan

Crying Jordan

If you don’t know about this meme then you either don’t know how to operate the Internet or don’t follow sports, or both.  Well, whatever your defect, I’ve got your back, even though I probably don’t want to know you since you don’t follow sports and don’t know how to operate the Internet.  Anyway, here’s the story.

When Michael Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009, he gave a long, rambling 20 minute speech where he mentioned about everyone he had ever met.  When he started off, he was crying and emotional, and a photographer snapped a shot of him with tears streaming down his face.  That was pretty much it for the crying Jordan story, until 2012 when somebody made a meme of the picture with the caption “Why did I buy the Bobcats?”

why did I buy the bobcats

After that, the crying Jordan picture went away again, until about a year ago when people started Photoshopping Jordan’s crying face on any sports figure who lost, or did something stupid, or got disgraced or embarrassed somehow.  In the last couple months, the internet has gone nuts with the crying picture, and the Crying Jordan face has become the symbol for loss and disgrace in the sports world.  There is even an app that will automatically paste the Crying Jordan face on any picture.  Crazy.


In the last few weeks there has been some blow back, with everyone pointing out that Michael Jordan was one of the greatest competitors and winners maybe ever, and it is ridiculous that his picture now symbolizes loss and disgrace in the sports world.  Well, kids are gonna be kids, and no one ever said the internet made sense.  

Check out this video for the full history.

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