Sup with Madonna’s Ass?


If you have watched the news in 2016, and I have, I am sure you would agree that the biggest story of the year has probably been Madonna’s ass.  Dat 2016 Madonna ass has been all over the place.  Most recently, the issue is whether Madonna, at the tender age of 58, has some new butt implants.  I didn’t even know that was a thing until a couple years ago when I learned of such things on a trip to South Florida.  But that is a story for another day, and by that I mean never.  Anyway, as the premiere blogger on the older smokes, and in particular the blonde older smokes, I gotta report the situation.  I report, you decide.

Well first off, as background, Madonna made the headlines in May when she showed up at some “Met Ball Gala” with a rather revealing uniform, which some have argued may have been inappropriate for the time and circumstance.  You decide:


Madonna took some flak for this from the lamestream media, to which she responded that this was obviously a “political statement” to protest “ageism” and “sexism”.  My political views are well documented, but this is a political statement that I hope we can all get behind.  See what I did there.

Anyway, earlier this month, Madonna was on stage with Ariana Grande, and used that opportunity get busy twerking and show off her assets.  

Did I mention that Madonna is 58?  Regardless, a lot of guys are saying that Madonna may have had some work done between May and December.  

And then you have this video from about a week ago with one James Corden, who is apparently a Brit who gets music stars to ride around in a car with him and sing their best songs.  For no apparent reason, Madonna unbuckles and sticks dat ass up in the camera for the reverse angle twerking shot.


I think she wanted him to slap her in the butt there at about 3:50, right?  Mr. James Corden, whoever he is, certainly wasn’t expecting that opportunity.

Again, I report, you decide.  But I am behind Madonna all the way.   

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