Trump is Gonna Get Us All Killed, You Guys


Your president-elect was up early this morning tweeting, per usual.  China grabbed a Navy drone operating in the South China Sea, which may have been monitoring sea temperature, or maybe monitoring Chinese submarines.  Who really knows.  Well, whatever, it is definitely a situation, and Trump just had to weigh in by blasting a tweet out to the entire world.  

Like so many times over the last year and half, Trump’s tweet will define the news coverage for the next couple days, he will get all kinds of attention and press coverage.  I’ve been pretty quiet the last month while I licked my wounds and S[hook]MH, but Jesus H Fucking Christ you guys, Trump is gonna get us all killed.  Seriously.

Trump’s tweet this morning shows exactly why he is ridiculously unfit to be president, and on so many levels.  

The spelling of “unprecedented,” although a minor point in the whole scheme of things, is a good place to start.  Sure, we all make mistakes, and maybe type a “there” when it is supposed to be “their.”  But “unpresidented” doesn’t get past any spell checker.  Try it. Trump is an idiot, and worse, he doesn’t care that he is an idiot.  

The misspelling also shows that no one is watching him and screening whatever he chooses to broadcast to the world on Twitter.  That is scary.  George W. Bush was not the sharpest tool in the shed either, but hey, I’m sure Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld and all the other evil geniuses were keeping an eye on him.  Imagine if no one had been babysitting W.  We got 9-11, the Iraq war, Katrina AND the collapse of the economy WITH people watching that idiot.

But far worse than the misspelling, Trump doesn’t even KNOW that this incident between the US and China is far from “unprecedented.”  Minor conflicts happen in the South China Sea, and all over the world, all the time.  China thinks it owns the South China Sea, and everyone else in the world considers it international waters.  Shit like this comes up all the time, see here, and cooler heads than Trump’s, and by that I mean everyone else in the world, work it out.  And then there was the time in 2001 when a US spy plane went down in China, and George W. got our people and plane back with an “apology” of sorts, but not before the Chinese stripped the plane.  This is hardly unprecedented.  But I’m sure Trump was busy filing bankruptcies appearing on Howard Stern to notice.

But what is even the point of Trump’s tweet?  We have reasonable people trying to work this shit out, but Trump has to jump into the mix with a fucking TWEET to the entire world.  Is it because he thinks it will make him look “tough”?  Was it just for the attention, to turn a story about China into something about Trump?  Yes and emphatically YES.  ANY and EVERY story needs to be about Trump personally.  Unfortunately that is how Trump won the election.  So now his narcissistic brain defaults to injecting himself into all matters large and small, regardless of the consequences.  And, China is the new Ted Cruz and Hillary all rolled into one.  If he can insult and antagonize China, you better believe he will, regardless of the consequence to our nation and economy.  This is only the start, and it will not end well.  

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