Escalator 1, Jesus 0

This has got to be the worst day for Jesus ever, am I right?  Well, second worst day at least. I assume that this is a real Jesus.  He looks like Jesus, with the robes, the Jesus beard and a damn nice flow.  Plus he is carrying a cross, and who else carries a cross around?  No one, that’s who.  And I certainly can’t disprove this guy is the son of God and died 2000 years ago for all of us sinners.  So he must be Jesus.  But Christ, he is having a shitty day.  So proud of that cross, even though that may be worst cross ever.  You couldn’t crucify anyone on that thing except for maybe a little baby.  And everyone is laughing at him.  People are supposed to be wailing and getting healed and shit, not laughing.  Just a really bad day for Jesus today.  Amen. 

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