John Daly Update

I take the position that if you are going to name a guy an honorary member of your String, then you Gob damn well better be ready to provide some regular updates of his antics.  Hearing no objection, I will take John Daly.  Someone else can pick up Bill Murray.

Our hero John Daly is in the news this week because he called bullshit on the Rock’s claim that he hit a golf ball 490 yards.  Daly provides an insightful analysis of the Rock’s claim, acknowledging that maybe it is possible, but he would have to see it.  The best part is when Daly claims he could certainly hit a ball 490 if he had Rock’s body, but, Daly says “I don’t work out, I put out.”  Not the first time he has used this line, but always one of his best lines and cracks me up every time.  Right up there with “I played my best golf drunk” and “I lost $55 million gambling.”  Legend.

John Daly

No one, of course, doubts Daly’s claim that he doesn’t work out.  Never doubted that for a second.  And I believe him when he says he puts out.  I follow him on Twitter and remember all the tweets of him and some young smokes celebrating the birth of baby Jesus back in 2014, which he sent out “for all u haters.”

After scrounging around on the internets, I discovered that our boy may have given up that wild party lifestyle and gotten himself engaged.  Yep, after four failed marriages, Daly is ready to give it another try.  The luck lady is 47 year old Anna Cladakis, a promotional manager for Hooters, where Daly is known to set up shop in his RV and give autographs and sell his crazy clothes.  Here’s all need to know about Anna Cladakis here and here.

Finally, and this was news to me, a 30 for 30 on Daly called “Hit It Hard” premiered last November 1.  Must of missed that with everything else going on at the time, but the trailer is here.  Definitely gonna tune in for that.

And that, my friends, is the John Daly update.

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