Lost Tracks – Joey by Concrete Blonde

So I’m starting a new feature called “Lost Tracks” to get us through what I think everyone will agree is the absolute worst time of the year.  The Super Bowl is over, Valentine’s Day is depressing, the weather sucks, March Madness hasn’t started yet and baseball is a month and a half away.  Really nothing whatsoever to recommend this section of the calendar.  You could pull my fingernails out one by one until I identified a worse time of the year and I would bleed out from the ends of my fingers and thumbs.  

So in honor of this shitty time of year, here is a depressing tune from the 1990-91 time frame–Joey, by Concrete Blonde.  

A friend on the Facebook recently posted a tribute to a close friend who died way too young.  My friend mentioned he missed their long conversations about anything and everything, and how the song “Little Conversations” by Concrete Blonde reminded him of that.  I remembered that song, of course, and right down the rabbit hole I went.  I cued up all the Concrete Blonde tunes from back in the day like “Everybody Knows,” “Bloodletting,” “Tomorrow, Wendy” and, of course, “Joey.”  So then I listened to “Joey” on repeat for the next couple weeks until I got sick of it and another bright, shiny object came my way.

In this song, we can’t really be sure what happened to the relationship.  We do know that Joey liked the drink, but I can’t imagine that had anything to do with it.  Regardless, it blew up.  No one is to blame, it just blew up.

There are some clues, of course, but who knows.  There were detours, fences, and then she got defensive.  Typical.  “If you are somewhere drunk and passed out on the floor, oooooh Joey I’m not angry any more.”  Well that is certainly charitable of her.  She has some money now, so maybe that will help patch things up.  “Joey if you’re hurtin’ so am I.”  That makes it all even, I guess.

Well, two sides to every story, and we never get Joey’s take on things.  I bet he has moved on and is #killinit on Tinder, dating 35 year old blondes every night of the week without looking back or worrying about this drama queen.  Good on you, Joey, good on you.

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