March Fooking Madness Update

Time for a March Fooking Madness Update.  We’ll be using MFMU for short I think.  In any event, it wasn’t the greatest start from my perspective, but I am sure Kool is cackling in his lair this morning contemplating whether he really can go 69-0.  How great is it by the way that there are 69 games?  Childish?  Yes.  Funny?  Hell yes.  But once again I digress.

I can’t really blame myself for the Vanderbilt loss since I didn’t pick that game, but Fairleigh Dickinson? Are you fooking kidding me?  I guess that’s what I get for picking Fawn Leibowitz’s alma mater.  You remember Fawn don’t you?


So , anyway, Kool is off to a commanding 2-0 lead.  But I’m not ascared I tell you.  We have 67 games to go and I don’t have to consider picking the Metropolitan Knights again, so I have that going for me, which is nice.  Two more games on the docket and I have the first pick:

Southern AM giving 2.5 to Holy Cross

Michigan giving 4 to Tulsa

As everyone knows there are two classic blunders when wagering:

There is also one lesser known blunder, betting on Michigan.  Even ($), as die hard a Wolverine fan as anyone on the planet, knows that Michigan never covers.  Alright that may be an exaggeration, but what isn’t an exaggeration is how many times a wager on Michigan to cover has bit me in the ass.  So, notwithstanding the attractiveness of that line, I am hesitant to pick the Maize and Blue.  The flip side here is that Tulsa is the team that everyone says shouldn’t have even made the field.  Joe Lunardi said that Tulsa getting into the field is the most head-scratching decision by the selection committee he has ever seen.  That means that Tulsa should get blown out right?  Hmmmm.  You know what’s all over the Tulsa chalkboard don’t you.  THEY SAY WE DON’T EVEN BELONG.  LET’S PROVE THEM WRONG.  Fook.  Maybe I should leave that game to Kool and trust that he can’t figure it out either.

How about the other game then?  Here’s the problem — as I indicated yesterday, I wagered on 108 college basketball games this year, I watched a bunch of others as well and I think I saw every team in the field play at least one game . . . except for Southern AM.   Who the fook is Southern AM?  Seriously, be honest and without googling it, where is Southern AM located?

I’ll wait.

Give up?

I thought so.

The mighty Jaguars are from Baton Rouge, LA.  Now I love Baton Rouge, which is one of the greatest college football environments anywhere (unless you are wearing the other teams colors), but I find myself at a complete loss for info on Southern’s ability to beat Holy Cross by 3 points.  Holy Cross is 14-19 for the season.  That’s right, they have the worst record in the field of 68.  The Purple Helmeted Crusaders of Love squeaked in by winning their conference tournament.  So we have conflicting info there.  Shitty team on a hot streak.  Happens all the time.  Doesn’t help me make a pick though.  Fook!

Alright, time to man-up (or girl-up, or cowboy-up or trans-gender-up, whatever floats your boat).

I’m taking Michigan -4.  WCGW?

Kool is acting like he actually is making a calculated pick by taking Southern -2.5, but I think  he just flipped a coin.  That’s probably what I would have done.



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