You People Saying that Sports Stars Should Just Shut Up, Should, Well, Just Shut Up

The Cubs went to the White House today and it looks like a good time was had by all.  Rizzo wore his Ron Burgundy jacket, and Theo gave the Prez an official pardon for being a Sox fan, as well as a W flag to fly at the future presidential library in Chicago.  The Cubs also presented our president with a lifetime admission pass to Wrigley, which he noted was “NON TRANSFERABLE.”  Lots of laughs all around, and a nice Chicago sendoff for President Obama in his last week in office. Continue reading

These Sheep Can Play for Me Any Day

I feel like sheep get a bad rap, am I right?  I mean, sheep are on the shitty end of all the parables and sayings.  The wolf, sheep and sheep dog story is told in all the war movies, and being the sheep is clearly the worst option.  “You can shear a sheep many times, but kill him only once.”  Real nice.  The “So many sheep, so little time” bumper sticker that Satan made up back in the 90’s was so wrong on many levels, but especially from the perspective of the sheep.  Political followers on both side of the aisles are always called sheep, unlike the thoughtful individuals who give deep, considerate thought to all the issues, and then vote Republican every time.  The list just goes on and on.  Plus its gotta suck getting herded all over the place with a dog nipping at your ass every day.  Sheep life has just gotta suck.  Well, these sheep got some payback, and good for them.  Probably will be a 15 yard penalty on that list hit, but it was worth it.  Team sheep on this one.

And Herein I Present the Greatest Story Ever Told About a Scholar Who Gets to Class on Time

Alotta guys out there saying that 80% of life is just showing up.  That may be true, but there’s another 20% to work with, and I’m gonna split it evenly between showing up ON TIME and being able to tell a great fucking story.  Well this dude DR[sigma]W gets a 100% on that scale.  Shows up, on time and tweets out the play-by-play when another guy shows up and the “Brady Bunch” asks DR[sigma]W to give up his seat.  It’s like a Seinfeld episode with racial overtones, and by racial overtones I mean the scholar DR[sigma]W turns it into a hilarious racial situation.  And if you don’t think this is hilarious, well, you might just be a Trump voter.

“I won’t say a hero, cause what’s a hero?  But sometimes there’s a man for his time and place.” – The Stranger, The Big Lebowski   Continue reading