Bro Stuff Bracket

Bro Stuff

The following are the premier blogs in the Bro Stuff Bracket, with links to the original post:

#1 Seed – Merrill’s Marauders

Mongo’s heartfelt tribute to the WWII hero Garb, who saved the world, and Mongo too.

#2 Seed – Video Archives – Sh*t Our Dad Says

Video made by Idyt’s kids of all the shit he says.

#3 Seed – Are Found Casino chips a Good Thing, or Nah?

Idyt’s thoughtful consideration of whether it is good to find casino chips, or maybe a sign that you have a serious problem.  And guidelines on what to do when you find them.

#4 Seed – New Nickname – The Sandman

Idyt’s insightful analysis of nicknames, and how, why and when men give them.

#5 Seed – Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse – Cucumber Beer

SeaDick’s hot take on cucumber beer and German beer purity laws, including a story about a caddy with “unparalleled situational awareness.”

#6 Seed – One Finger has Gotta Go. Who you got?

Idyt’s ode to each of his individual fingers.  And, if he lost one (which he might), which one can go first.

#7 Seed – Ted Cruz Doesn’t Know the First Goddamn Thing About Nicknames, is a Dork

Idyt’s continued obession with nicknames, and how they were affecting the 2016 presidential campaign.

#8 Seed – Enter Sandman

First blog from our resident Trump supporter, The Sandman, putting the pussy libtards to sleep with the rightedness of his views which come directly from God, who is white.

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