Viral Alert – Hi Stranger

Hi Stranger from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

Really didn’t want to post this, but, as you know, I took an oath to let you guys know if something was going viral.  An oath is an oath, and this guy is definitely going viral.

I can’t explain this video, and the less said about it the better.  I will let the creepy melted candlestick looking thing do the talking.  It is burning up the internets, and once you have seen it, you can’t unsee it.  So there you go, and I can check it off my list.

Bro Night Movie Night Review – The Accountant

The Accountant

So we started a new tradition on Wednesday nights that we call “Bro Night Movie Night.”  For Bro Night Movie Night, we pick out what we think might be a good bro movie, make some guy food like pizza or chili or tacos, and then bust balls and ass around for a couple hours watching said bro flick.  All are welcome, assuming you have at least one testicle.  Girls are definitely not welcome, because they would probably try to make us watch “the Notebook” or some shit.  Yea, well screw that, we want to see movies where guys get shot in the face and stuff gets blown up.  

Well, Jesus and Goldie are pissing and moaning because I haven’t blogged about the guy movies we have watched, because apparently I promised to do that at some point.  To shut them up, here is my take on The Accountant.   Continue reading

I Took the Asshole Test and Passed with Flying Colors!

Asshole test article

A woman I know just posted a link on the Twitter machine to the above article, link here.  The article, found on the famous “Your Guide to Love and Relationships” website, purports to inform the ladies whether they are dating a complete jerk, and provides a convenient 10 point checklist of assholery.  Although it is not outside the realm of possibilities that she is talking about someone else, let’s assume for the purpose of analysis she is talking about ME.  So, let’s TAKE THE TEST.  Feel free to play along at home. Continue reading

It’s A Big Music Day

I know, most of you are out there crying about the Zona or Purdue loss.  (I’m not sure how you could really be upset about the latter as that outcome was a stone cold lock.  Just ask Kool.  It was a home game for Kansas and they were playing Purdue.  Nuff said.)  But you should forget all that stuff and focus on what’s important, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors just released their latest, Souvenir, and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit just released a song from their upcoming The Nashville Sound.  It may not be your normal taste in music (I’m talking to you Pipes), but it’s good stuff.  Trust me.  SeaDick out.



If You Haven’t Seen the Giant Chicken Video Yet You Should

Alotta kids out there sayin that the giant chicken video is one of the most amazing things they have seen on the internets in awhile and it is hard to disagree.  Not as big as a horse-sized duck, but damn, that is a huge fucking chicken.  Thought I would bring this to everyone’s attention, so you aren’t surprised if you ever run across the giant chicken in person.  And damn, this guy knows how to make an entrance.  Starts off looking like a normal huge chicken coming out of his hole, and then he stands up and starts strutting around like he owns the place, which he probably does.  Very impressive.  

Would You Rather Fight 100 Duck-sized Horses, or One Horse-sized Duck?

I’ve been doing my gob damnedest to avoid watching, talking about or even thinking about the Gorsuch Supreme Court confirmation hearings going on this week out of fear of losing my gob damned mind.  This is of course the Scalia seat, that was President Obama’s constitutional right to fill.  Rather than a reasonable moderate in Merrick Garland, we now have a staunch conservative who won’t answer questions about whether he will overturn Roe v. Wade and protect corporations over people, because of course he will.  Well, you know what else he won’t answer?  Whether he would rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck! Continue reading