Let’s Hold Off On the Pussy Grabbing for a Couple More Days People


In an incident that echoes Donald Trump’s “pussy-grabbing” controversy, a Republican politician has been arrested and charged with sexual assault after an altercation with a woman ended with him grabbing her crotch.

Christopher von Keyserling, a 71-year-old member of the Representative Town Meeting in Connecticut (a form of local government), is accused of insulting and then assaulting a staffer during a disagreement over none other than Donald Trump himself.

According to local media, the arrest warrant alleged von Keyserling responded to the woman’s comment that it’s “a new world politically” by telling her “I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct.”

The conversation descended into name-calling, and von Keyserling followed the woman into her office where he allegedly reached between her legs and “pinched her groin area”.

I’m sure the Libtards will be making a BFD about this minor incident ,and blaming it on President Trump, like he was there urging Mr. von Keyserling on and telling him where to grab this old biddy.  Well I’m about 110% sure our president wasnt their ,so you can’t blame this on him ,but the lamestream media will anyway.  Plus, Trump was very clear that he gets away with grabbing ’em by the pussy because “I’m a star.”  If you aren’t a star, then you aren’t going to get away with it, at least not until Trump abolishes all of Obama’s socialist regulations next week. Continue reading

Happy General Robert E. Lee Day


Lots of people dont even know this because of the communist liar retard communist liberal libtards ,but today is officially General Robert E. Lee Day ,people.  Yea ,thats right ,dont listen to the bullshit about that other made up Hallogram holiday.  Today is General Robert E. Lee day!  Recognized in all of the states that matter including Bama, Arkansas, Missississippi and my home the great state of Florida ,today we celebraish the birthing of the greatest and most winninest general of all time General Robert Edward Lee (aka Bobby Lee, although never to his face).   Continue reading

You People Saying that Sports Stars Should Just Shut Up, Should, Well, Just Shut Up

The Cubs went to the White House today and it looks like a good time was had by all.  Rizzo wore his Ron Burgundy jacket, and Theo gave the Prez an official pardon for being a Sox fan, as well as a W flag to fly at the future presidential library in Chicago.  The Cubs also presented our president with a lifetime admission pass to Wrigley, which he noted was “NON TRANSFERABLE.”  Lots of laughs all around, and a nice Chicago sendoff for President Obama in his last week in office. Continue reading

Your President is Making Appointments based on how People Look and No One is Surprised in the Slightest


They are out here saying that your president Donald Trump rejected John Bolton as Secretary of State because he didn’t like his mustache.  I may surprise some people with this hot take, but I’m with your president on this one.  That mustache is awful.  A man can’t make good decisions about what happens on the world stage if he can’t make good decisions about what happens on his own face. Continue reading

Fake News Is Nothing New


They are out here saying that the Russians and so-called “fake news” decided the election in favor of a thrice married racist and misogynist reality TV star being sued for fraud over a kindly grandmother guilty of faithfully serving this country for the last 30 years.  Well, I may or may not cover the Russian angle at some point, but the fake news is a real thing you guys, and most certainly decided the election.  As the premier blogger here, I must point out that this is nothing new.  You people have been doing this shit at least since President Obama was elected. Continue reading

Trump is Gonna Get Us All Killed, You Guys


Your president-elect was up early this morning tweeting, per usual.  China grabbed a Navy drone operating in the South China Sea, which may have been monitoring sea temperature, or maybe monitoring Chinese submarines.  Who really knows.  Well, whatever, it is definitely a situation, and Trump just had to weigh in by blasting a tweet out to the entire world.  

Like so many times over the last year and half, Trump’s tweet will define the news coverage for the next couple days, he will get all kinds of attention and press coverage.  I’ve been pretty quiet the last month while I licked my wounds and S[hook]MH, but Jesus H Fucking Christ you guys, Trump is gonna get us all killed.  Seriously. Continue reading

Viral Alert – Crazy Racist Trump Bitch Caught on Video being a Crazy Racist Trump Bitch

Gotta file my report on the latest viral sensation breaking the Internets, namely, this crazy racist Trump bitch who went bat shit crazy at a craft store in Lincoln Park over the Thanksgiving weekend.  But wait, how would I know that she is a Trump voter???  Well, maybe because she claims she was “discriminated against” because she is a Trump voter, and yells at everyone in the store about how she is a Trump voter, all because she was asked to “buy a bag,” a new liberal thing in Chicago.  I don’t want to look too hard into the mind of a Trump voter for fear of falling into the abyss, but apparently that equates to discrimination in the warped minds that now run the country. Continue reading

No One’s Got It Worse Than Huma Abedin

So this video dropped today and Jesus H. Christ is this brutal.  Anthony Weiner, of course, is the disgraced sexting former congressman from New York and husband of Huma Abedin, the top adviser and right hand woman for Hillary Clinton.  Apparently Weiner had a reality TV crew with him filming when his latest dick pics, to a 15 year old nonetheless, went on the news, because of course he did.  So here he is with wife Huma as they both find out in real time, and he explains that he will just “try to sell this as something people already know.”  Huma is not pleased. Continue reading