2016-17 Monkey with a Gun Premier Blog Playoff – SWEET 16

Sweet 16 Bracket

The Sweet 16 finalists are in for the MWAG Premier Blog Playoff!  Click on the bracket above to vote for which blogs make it the Elite 8.  This round ends at 8:00 Friday night.

In the Bro Stuff bracket we had a couple minor upsets, with the #6 seed beating the #3 seed and the #5 seed beating the #6 seed.  But otherwise, all of the top seeded blogs made it to the next round.  Here are the match ups for the Seet 16:

Bro Stuff Bracket

#1 Seed – Merrill’s Marauders


#5 Seed – Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse – Cucumber Beer

In the first match in the Bro Stuff Bracket, Mongo’s tribute to WWII hero Garb is up against SeaDick’s tribute to the German beer purity laws.

#2 Seed – Video Archives – Sh*t Our Dad Says


#6 Seed – One Finger has Gotta Go. Who you got?

In the second match, Idyt’s kids’ video of all the shit he says is up against Idyt’s ode to each of his fingers, in order of importance.

Babes Bracket

#1 Seed – Top 10 Hottest Robots 2.0


#4 Seed – Fergie is Back and She Brought Her Hot Mom Friends

In the Babes bracket, Idyt’s review of the hottest robots takes on Idyt’s review of Fergie’s hot mom video.

#2 Seed – I Gotta Weigh In On the Yoga Pants Controversy


#3 Seed – Valentine’s Day is Stupid, You Guys

Also, Idyt’s position on the latest yoga pants controversy takes on Idyt’s position on Valentine’s Day.

Music Bracket

#1 Seed – Keep Going


#4 Seed – SeaDick’s Best Albums of 2016

Irish Jesus’ manifesto on finding new music vs. SeaDick’s review of 2016’s best albums.

#2 Seed – Top X Power Ballads


#3 Seed – Prince was AWOL from USA for Africa

Idyt’s list of the top ten power ballads vs. Idyt’s coverage of Prince’s absence from USA for Africa.

Sports Bracket

#1 Seed – Top Ten Cubs Games of 2016


#4 Seed – WWMD – Official Rules

Idyt’s list of the top ten Cubs games of the year takes on the official rules for What Would Maddon Do?

#2 Seed – Super Bowl “50” My Ass


#3 Seed – Kentucky Derby Live Blog

Idyt’s complaints about Super Bowl “50” up against Idyt’s live blog from the 2016 Kentucky Derby.


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